I’m Stephan, the Creator behind Bebeboxes UK Ltd!
I had an idea with my partner about creating a fun way of getting our little darlings to have a bath and go to bed… So our Bedtime Box was created, a bath bomb, new pyjamas, and a new story book, all to enjoy with their hot chocolate.
We soon found out not only were these very popular, but people wanted gift Hampers for older generations too, and so Bebeboxes UK Ltd was born.
Proudly working with some incredible businesses, such as Cocoba Chocolate, Popcorn Kitchen, Childs Play Books, Mr Big Tops and many more, we are Creaton beautiful Gift Hampers, and Sweet Treat Boxes, all with that personal touch.
We want to spread a bit of love and joy to everybody who gets a gift hamper and we pride ourselves in how our boxes look.